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Product Code : 8410
Power Charger Hoco C96 iPhone
ឆ្នាំងសាក​ ហូកូ C96 មានខ្សែ iPhone

(Available) $2.50

Products Description
1, Material: flame retardant PC+ABS material
2. Output: 5V/2.1A
3. US pin US
4. Size: 60*37*24mm, total weight: 39g
5. Set with 1m charging cable

Power Charger Hoco C96 also available for other model  
Power Charger Hoco C96 iPhone  (Available) $2.50
Power Charger Hoco C96 Micro  (Coming Soon) $2.50
Power Charger Hoco C96 single port  (Available) $2.00
Power Charger Hoco C96 Type-C  (Available) $2.50

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Power Charger PD40W hoco C126(3Ports) set (C-C)

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Power Charger Hoco C97 PD20W+QC3.0 iPhone

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Power Strip 5044 3Socket 2USB

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Charger Wireless WUW-W05

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Power Charger Hoco C96 single port

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Power Charger hoco AC5 Level Universal Converter

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Case flip leather PTi21 iPad Pro 11(2018)

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Case Clear color Fram curly PTN151 iPhone 11pro max

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Cable Charger KAKU KSC-375 TypeC

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Cable Charger 3in1 hoco X74 (Micro+iPhone+Type-C)

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Case KAKU KSC-073 CAIXIU PTI07 iPad 10.2/10.5

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Cable Charger XO NB-P171 2.4A Type-c

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Cable Charger hoco U09 Micro 1.2m

(Available) $6.00 $1.50

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Screen Protector 9H iPhone 6/6s

(No Stock) $0.50

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Electric hot pot with steamer 24cm non-stick 2horse

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Air Inflatable floating Bed Intex #59703CC

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Power Car Charger hoco Z44 PD20W+QC3.0+PD Cable

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Solar Torch LED Lamp Camping XS-5800T

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